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Product range overview and accessories

Product range overview

Which version suits your plans?

The application options of the Hawa Combino sliding fitting system for wooden doors in the new weight classes up to 80 kg at a glance.

Available from November 2019.

 Sideboard, highboardSideboardTall cabinet
Weight max.20 – 35 kg40 kg50 – 80 kg
Height (mm)- 2200- 2000- 2800
Width (mm)- 1200- 1500- 1600
DesignsInslide (IS),
Forslide (FS),
Mixslide (MS)
L-shaped furnitureInslide (IS),
Forslide (FS),
Mixslide (MS)

New straightening fitting

Stability thanks to straightening fitting

No door warping, even after years: The new straightening fitting for the Hawa Combino stabilizes wooden doors weighing up to 80 kg. It blends into the surface of the door in a filigree way, can be glued on or fitted with brackets, and is now also available in the elegant anodized black designer version.

with brackets

without brackets

Stylish handle profiles

Maximum safety and service life

In order to enhance the appearance of the cabinet, we can provide aluminum handle profiles in three different design versions. All handle solutions are coordinated with the fitting.

Screwed on. Can be operated from the front and the rear.

Glued on. Can be operated from the front.

Screwed on. Can be operated from the front.

Maximum functional safety

Maximum safety and service life

All components of the Hawa Combino have been tested for the maximum service life at the highest safety level. This corresponds to 5 sliding movements per day for more than 25 years. The new catch that has been integrated in the system also prevents the doors from coming off their hinges. 


The rollers are automatically blocked by the catch (red) after the doors are put onto their hinges.

Hawa Product Finder

Hawa Product Finder

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